What is Golf 4 Millions

What is Golf 4 Millions?

Golf 4 Millions is a golf media company and a network of nationwide golf events, while providing services to golf courses.

Join more than 2,000 teaching pros who are already using Golf 4 Millions to build their business, increase member engagement and connect with their community.

We are a social, local and mobile new media company. We manage and run two nationwide continuous tiered events as our primary engagement platform and have multiple levels of dialogue and additional engagement opportunities with our centers of influence, the golf professional, and our golf members. Golf 4 Millions provides essential services through our software to both the private and public golf communities

On the Ground. Golf 4 Millions Events provide opportunity for sponsorship and marketing to an engaged audience. Our Partners are local – our local Golf Professionals invite neighbouring partners to the course for an interactive introduction to the club through a group lesson demonstration while providing an introduction between club staff and partner staff. Our partners leverage our tiered competition from the local, district and regional level on the way to the two national championships to further their community engagement.

Online. Golf 4 Millions connects sponsors and advertisers with engaged customers actively participating in both the submission of content and voting for their favorite content (including Golf instruction videos). Our online community allows targeted and flexible online marketing with choice of audience, location, age, income and interests. We continuously focus on increasing member’s engagement on our mobile platforms and we reward the most popular submissions.

Engagement. Golf 4 Millions sustainable relationship with the golf professionals and their members, through closest to the pin competitions, creates presence.

Advertising. If you want to entertain, you create content. If you want to be useful, you build services. Golf 4 Millions provides both. Golf 4 Millions provides an unparalleled environment for partners by delivering a skills based competition to a high income, high net worth consumer market, and an online network that connects the entire audience.
• Connect and partner with local businesses
• Connect and partner with local charities
• Grow your business and increase revenue

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